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Statutes of the Business Federation of Tourist Rentals of the Valencian Community (FEVALTUR)

Title I

General provisions

Denomination, TERRITORIAL and professional scope, duration, denomination and purposes

Article 1.-Under the protection of Law 19/77, of 1 April, regulating the right of trade union Association, constitutes the business Federation of Tourist Rentals of the Valencian Community (hereinafter FEVALTUR).

Article 2.-FEVALTUR will have as scope the territory of the Valencian Community, integrating the business associations of the tourist accommodation sector that have their scope of action within the referred community and voluntarily request their Affiliation.

Article 3.-The federation is constituted by indefinite time.

Article 4.-The Federation shall enjoy legal personality and full capacity to act necessary for the fulfillment of its aims.

Article 5.-The Federation fixes its domicile in Moraira, province of Alicante, Avda.